"We are very impressed with the Ready Coop – our chickens are very happy and healthy.  We had looked at many designs for chicken coops and this was the only one that seemed to take into account our northern climate and the issue of protection from predators.  It was definitely a “project” to build it, but it was fun and the plans were clear and the finished product fit together very well.  Karen was very helpful and prompt in responding to all our inquiries.  The coop is extremely easy to clean and to maintain, and is the talk of the neighbourhood!  We added a 4x8 run covered with ¼ inch hardware cloth, a steel roof, and wire floor under the dirt.  The chickens love this!  It means they can be outside and safe if we are away at dusk.  We highly recommend this product and are always willing to show off our chickens and their happy home!"

 Beth J. and Norris T. - Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, Canada 






"If you are a chicken in a flock of 5 to 12, the Ready Coop is the ultimate in comfortable and efficient living. No detail has been spared in thinking of your daily living requirements, whether roosting, feeding, egg-laying or just hanging out. You will find it to be cozy in all types of weather, due to it's well-thought out ventilation, insulation and tight construction. It is also the gold standard of convenience for the humans that take care of you, with numerous access doors and efficient design. If your human caretakers decide to build it, they will find the instructions to be extremely detailed and easily understood, complemented with plentiful explanatory photos. Karen, the Ready Coop designer, is quick-responding, thoroughly professional, and always courteous."  

~ Jim C. - Ames, Iowa, USA 

"I am finally sending you a photo of our coop - the chickens have been living in there since late June, and it's working great! We really like it."

"The Ready Coop is extremely well thought out and easy to use. The feed door makes it so easy to refresh the water and feed, and to clean the droppings board. I had been worried about keeping chickens in our cold climate, but the insulated roost area and the insulated vent plug keep them warm on the coldest nights, and they seem to love scratching around in the brooder area. Best of all, Karen has always been willing to promptly answer my many questions about the construction and use of the coop and even about the basics of chicken care —— her help has been invaluable!"

Jennifer M. - North Yarmouth, Maine, USA


For up to 6 large chickens

or up to 9 standard sized


For up to 4 standard sized chickens.


up to 12 standard chickens 

Insulated, bear resistant, moveable.

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