Small or Urban Chicken Coop

for up to 4 standard sized chickens

This small chicken coop covers a ground area of about 64" x 37", and is 42.5" high. Allow an extra foot of space around the perimeter for the steel mesh skirt (not shown) placed flat on the ground from just under the foundation outward to keep chipmunks, weasels, and digging animals out. The double nest adds about 15" to the length. The coop "run" is open to the ground where wood shavings can be sprinkled to help keep droppings from compacting on the ground. The coop is quite sturdy but if you have bears in your area, this coop like other small coops can be flipped, pried, or leaned on and broken by a bear. New materials range from $300 to $400. It takes three to five days to build. It's good for down to about -15 celcius, and can be covered with a large blanket or two for colder nights.

$25 Canadian

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