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Downloadable Building Plans for these two Family Chicken Coops.

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Very nice for 6 and up to 12 standard sized chickens

Be ready for anything !!!

with our Premium Family Chicken Coop.

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Urban chicken coop

Great for up to 6 standard hens

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Back Yard Chicken Coop

Can be used as a "Chicken Tractor".

Click here to buy the E-Plans for our Insulated Ready Coop TM - $35 USD

Click here to buy the E-Plans for our smaller Back Yard Chicken Coop - $25 USD

Serious About Keeping Chickens?

This sturdy, year-round chicken coop can withstand almost any challenge from weather (heavy snow load, extreme high winds, extreme cold), and from predators. The chicken coop design makes easy work of caring for, managing, and naturally propagating your family’s laying flock. This versatile chicken coop provides the ultimate in modern family chicken housing for sustainable lifestyles!

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Ready Coop chicken coop has an insulated, multi-level roosting area, as well as a protected indoor ground range area that can double as an isolation area, introduction area, or natural brooder. A winter water heater and day extending light can be powered by a small solar set-up. If you like, just add a cockerel and some special mothering hens to sustain your flock naturally.

Main Chicken Coop (high section) 4' x 4' x about 6' high.
Natural Brooder / indoor ground range area (low section) 4' x 4' x about 3' high

See close-up photos and read more about the features of Ready Coop TM, our Premium Family Chicken Coop.

Click here to see how Ready Coop can be easily disassembled, moved, and re-assembled by two people.

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Ongoing support for building your coop & keeping your chickens.

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It takes a village to raise a child. It takes chickens to raise a village!