Family Chicken Coop


For up to 6 large chickens

or up to 9 standard (medium) sized chickens.

This coop can comfortably house 6 large chickens. It has two roosting levels, a total of 7 feet of roost which is removable for easy cleaning. Family Chicken Coop has a "footprint" on the ground of 4'x8'. The nest adds an additional 15"  to the length. It stands 58" (4.8') high. Allow an extra foot of space around the perimeter for the steel mesh skirt (not shown) placed flat on the ground from just under the foundation outward to keep chipmunks, weasels, and digging animals out. Regarding if there are bears in your area and cold winters, the same applies to this coop as does for the Small Chicken Coop. New materials range around $400. It takes about 5 days for one person to build this coop. See video.



$25 Canadian

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