Ready Coop ™ is a sturdy, portable chicken coop for up to... 


- 12 standard sized chickens, or

- 10 large chickens, or 

- 6 or so chickens with rooster, mother hen, and chicks.










The roosting area is insulated to hold enough warmth on the coldest nights with space to safely hang a trouble light for extra warmth, and insulated vent and window plugs for over night protection from frostbite. There are three roosting levels, the high roost, the front of the droppings board, and the top of the nest. For winter, insulate the top of nest with one or two layers of corrugated cardboard to help protect roosting chicken feet from frostbite. Cardboard is also good on the floor of the tall section. Some like it on the droppings board too, or that can be scraped with a flat spade/shovel. The top of the nest is about 18' from the floor, easy for most chickens to jump. Discourage chickens from roosting in the nest.


The coop is portable in that it can be disassembled, moved, and reassembled on new ground. Stacked panels will fit in the bed of a pick up truck.














This coop is predator proof when closed and even bear resistant with special reinforcement against prying and pushing, which is also comforting during extreme high winds. There is a 4'x 4' protected indoor ground range area for chickens to scratch, dust, and socialize while confined.


Ready Coop's "footprint" on the ground is about 4' x 8'.


To encourage a hen to set, place the optional "ground nest" open

to the ground where hens will lay eggs until a special breed hen

sets, and will hatch and mother the chicks. This section of the coop 

can be closed off giving a private, natural, and safe environent

for mother hen and chicks.


New building materials cost in the range of $900.

It takes about 10 days for one person to build it.









$35 Canadian

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