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Our Smaller Chicken Coop Holds up to 6 standard sized hens.

"Easy Build" Downloadable Building Plans

Click here to Buy E-plans for our smaller chicken coop $25 USD.

Below is our sturdy smaller poultry housing option ideal for urban, suburban, and country settings. It can also be used as a "Chicken Tractor". For more information, send us an email us.

- Cedar Foundation can sit diectly on ground and is resistant to rot without chemical treatment.

- Materials to build this coop cost about $300. It takes about 5 days to build this coop.

- Stands about 3 1/2 feet high

- This coop can be used as a "Chicken Tractor".

- Nest box opens to collect eggs.

- A steel mesh "skirt" extending out 1 foot from the foundation can be added to prevent the likes of Fox from digging under.

- removable roost for easy clean.